by Yacht Communism

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released April 21, 2017

Thanks to Matti for mics and cables and Nina for lending us her harmonium and taking the cover pictures.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andi Sommer.




Yacht Communism Berlin, Germany

Yacht Communism is comprised of current and ex-members of Svffer, Henry Fonda, Dropout Patrol, Trompetenvogel Trondheim

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Track Name: Ruin
Longing for a lost creation
Begging to lose some complications
Searching for help in disintegration
It's hard to tell from learned illusions
Draw a line to finish business
Visit now an empty hall
Stay inside and close your mind
Whatever 's learned, whatever 's gone

Tired hands on the ground
Plastic smiles make a sound

All in all we are a mess
Love and hail to be oppressed
Define a life to be impressed
By what's made up in consequence
All in all we are alone
Love and hail to be (on) our own
Define a lie to make impressed
By what's made up in our regrets

Tired hands on the ground
Plastic smiles make a sound

Nothing's left in disease
We accept and we smile
Nothing's left in disease
We regret and we smile
Nothing's left just disease
We pretend how to smile
Nothing's left from disease
We forget how to smile
Track Name: Fractures
I fell on the ground
I felt 10 feet tall
After all demise – this is my sacrifice
And now I'm freezing under
It's like I'm cold but thunder
And now I'm cold and wonder
Why my heart beats like thunder
I bury hope in sunlight
To carry on – that's all right
I guess it's you – frustrating
Of promise said to downgrade

Waited seconds here to give up all my fears
Turn them down or turn them off concentrated on my lust
While we're thinking of how to survive
It's all wrapped up in disguise
But let us change - let us high – let us try just to deny

Will I rest in here surrounded by my fears
Let me out – let me get lost – concentrate me on my trust
Let me rest in here – learn to live my fear
Let me down – let me get lost – let me fail
Out of your loss
It's called my egofire – constraint by own desire
I cannot run – I cannot wait – I can't lay on to my mistakes
I am a fool – I cannot hide – I can't pretend it's not my fault


Let me rest in here – learn to live my fear
Let me down – let me get lost – let me fail
Out of your loss
Track Name: Imaginativeness
See a way it's shining to slay
See the dark it's shining through you
See away to shine for – escape
Go in the dark it's pretty – not far

Breathe out, scream, shout
Conspires with your doubts
And seed out, your dreams – hopes in direly purpose
And find out your penchant to rise full of reverence
And see all – you fade out in direly purpose
And see all your failures and back up to your thoughts
Deny it all – be all upset
And strike something to understand
You may...
Track Name: Thermogram
Seasons change, a storm begins
Nothing follows in a purely habit
Cold running sparks fly around in the air
To smashing all down in town
Full of regrets to be honest by now
Away from the straight path grown
Over and over it echoes again
They built up a fence downtown

You breathe yourself in deny
All what you did comes back
The dust it makes after all
Doesn't protect you well

They start to crave some to fight
With cold numb intentions
Apart from what you know
(All) behind
So don't look back, don't look back
They start to crave you to fight
On cold numb intentions
The storm closes you (in) from behind
So don't look back, don't look back
Track Name: Disclaimer
Again, it changes – a new beginning
Like nothing happened in between
It overcomes and overtakes
Our regrets are no mistakes – honestly

First try – then go – no tricks – come home
One fight – you're gone – one hit – no sun
By your own
One place to go
Tip down on by your last to go
Lay on tips back on a road
Where 'd you go
On your own
Tip back down by your last stop home
Walking on a cluster chrome
By the sun
Words open – get back on where you had to go
Laying on top of zero

Forfeit your wounds
You're stuck in a mood
It overcomes by midnight sun

Years ago – walked alone
Tip – back - down by the years to come
Laying down wait for a sign
Lay on your tombs – you're sick but true
Tired of all – too numb to doubt
Track Name: Memorize
We learned our lessons – picked up – saw - left behind
To create a distance – across – roads which take our time
Cause of resistance – hiding – in a better life
Just to admit it – chances – taking – begging – cry

We need new lessons
To give up preaching to survive
To get no hopes stopped
To lean on – what you need to delight

In sorrow, we sink
Blinded by light
Burst inside
Bye bye

Feel destroyed by our own efforts
Feel alone in a backyard
Feel destroyed after discussions
Feel alone with your introduction
Track Name: Parentheses
Cold thoughts torn by mistakes
Will they caught the act
I ask you – I'm asking
Disappeared by a gust
Still don't know how to trust
I ask you – I'm asking
Disagreed too much
After all the regards
I ask you – I'm asking

Bite down – your tricks – by all your risks
I don't know – I don't know what I'm here for
By all your sins – I am asking
Is this why I don't know what I'm doing
Hope you're guessing – hope you're resting
But I'm not here – I don't know – I don't know
Hallucination or did it happen
Am I here do I know – do I know now
Keep my eyes closed – from your diagnose
I feel that I don't know nothing no

Is this why – I don't know – I don't know

To disclosure
Track Name: Dark Horse
He came from an older town
Down by – astrayed – down by a sound
And looked for – looked for more
Only dust was what he found
He searched for – searched for more
Drown – side – left behind – out of all
And learned from – he learned from some
Strangers – came by – talked all off

The clearer it gets
More questions come up
To summarize a story of all torn – regrets
Aggressive but solid – in barriers been stable
The innocence breakable
The sound of complaining which keeps us remaining
That nothing could be left
Cause of all our regrets – we built up instable
To clear thoughts and inhale whatever – whoever

And he said that nothing could ever get through what he has all done
From an end – a promise was broken – pretend to go well
And he said that nothing could ever change our regrets
To work on something – or pretend to end – pretend – then sink

Don't push the lies – they're creeping – made up – from behind
There was a line – 6 feet away from moving high
From behind

There was a structure giving control – just a structure out of control

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